I don't know which foods to eat to lose weight 
Learn which foods help accelerate your bodies fat burning engine 
I don't know which exercises burn fat 
Learn which exercises help you burn 243% more fat 
I don't know how to stay motivated long enough 
Learn how to stay motivated and enjoy getting and staying fit forever 

Your questions answered. 

Q Do I need to have a gym membership to do Fit Mum Transformation Programme? 
Not at all! The Fit Mum Transformation Programme plan has been created so you never need to set foot in a gym during the entire 8 week plan. 
Q Do I need to buy any equipment for Fit Mum Transformation Programme? 
The only things you will need is a towel and a water bottle for most of the workouts. However, if you have got a Resistance Bands and Dumbbells you can get more workout as well during the monthly programme. By the way, I can give you suggestions through http://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/fitmum_hajni page. I would also recommend getting yourself a yoga mat if your floor at home is wood or tiled. 
Q Where can I find support during the plan? 
All support can be found inside a closed Facebook Group Fit Mum Transformation VIP, which you’ll get 24/7 access to + I hang out in there daily! 
Q I'm a Vegetarian, do the meal plans cater for my needs? 
I have a variety of meals plans; I’ll be there to ensure you can easily swap out the meats for other suitable protein sources. 
Q How often do I need to train? 
Fit Mum Transformation Programme is split down into 4 workouts per week and runs monthly! 
Q I've done plans before and kinda worked but not, will this work? 
I’ve been using this workout plan for couple of months and that time I have seen mums of “GET IN GREAT SHAPE”… check out some Testimonials. 
The key to this working is simple, you COMMIT to DO THE WORK DAILY! 
Q I've NEVER exercised before, will Fit Mum Transformation Programme be suitable for me? 
FIT Mum Transformation is suitable for beginners to exercise. Each workout is fully demonstrated and if you struggle with some of the advanced movements, we recommend doing a simpler alternative. 
Q How much does it cost? 
The cost of the Monthly Membership is £39. However, you can get discounts if you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months subscription all together.  

I am looking forward to working with you! Keep in touch! Be healthy, and happy! Kind regards, Hajnalka 

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